Welcome to Healthy Tweaks LLC

Welcome to Healthy Tweaks LLCWelcome to Healthy Tweaks LLCWelcome to Healthy Tweaks LLC

About Us



Welcome to the home of Healthy Tweaks LLC!  Be prepared to be inspired to make choices for your school, home/community, or business that are

Healthy for You...Healthy for our Earth!™


I Care!

I care deeply about our Earth...the health of all people and the environment.  I value partnering to build healthy communities and working together to ensure a prosperous, sustainable world for ourselves and future generations. I formed Healthy Tweaks to consult to anyone who desires to make healthy business or personal decisions…ones that are Healthy for you…Healthy for Our Earth™.  I educate businesses, schools, and consumers on the positive impact they can make on themselves and the Earth with the choices they make…inspiring action to begin with little steps (“tweaks”), instead of being overwhelmed or resigned that changes aren’t possible.  Working together, we can all make small changes, adding to big impacts on our Earth for a healthy, sustainable future for all.


Partnering for a Better Earth!

I am ready to partner with anyone who shares a bold vision for protecting our Earth...all people, organisms, and ecosystems…and will work with anyone who recognizes the value of proactively taking care of our children, understanding their education and health are integrally connected and imperative to their future and the future of all.

Clean air, clean water, clean soil, and healthy, diverse eco-systems provide sustenance to live and thrive. We must all work together to conserve and protect our shared natural resources, maintaining a balance with the economic health of the business and industries that support quality of life for all. 

My collective experience as an engineer, environmental consultant, organizational leader, champion for all children, and mother provide an incredibly powerful influence on my view of our world. Understanding the connection between our built environment, natural environment, health, education, economics, and the value of collaboration is integral to the success of any endeavor.  

I apply hard work, ethics, and the experience I’ve accumulated throughout my life to everything I do.  Whether assessing contamination at an industrial site; working with business to protect human health and the environment; connecting teachers to eco-education; inspiring children to get outside and appreciate nature; or teaching real people about the nexus between health and prosperity...the health of all people, the health of the built environment, and the health of the natural environment. 


Drop me your email so we can partner to make the Earth a better place for our children and future generations to live, grow, learn, and play!

Partner with Me

Why Healthy Tweaks?

With three decades of experience in engineering, consulting, and project management, I have worked with a wide variety of clients assessing legal requirements, developing EHS protocols, conducting multi-media compliance audits and developing regulatory plans and reports. I have managed contamination investigations and removal actions at federal and state superfund and corrective action sites. I have also championed for healthy, educated children; sustainable, resilient schools; and equitable access to nature for all.  I'm ready to work with you!